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Certus is for certainty

“Certus” is Latin for certain, settled, resolved, reliable. We’ve noticed that “Fake it till you make it” is the norm—not us. At Certus Core, we actually do the things we promise by delivering solutions which meet our customers requirements and improve their workloads and increase efficiencies in leveraging their data.

Vision & Mission

Improving the world 
by changing the way people and machines interact with data.

We will improve the world by changing the way people and machines interact with data We develop and build knowledge systems that solve complex and impactful human problems.

Vision & Mission

Certus Core was created out of necessity

The founders’ passion is steadfast in the U.S. increasing technological advancements in order to sustain our global superiority in strategic great power competition. Certus Group was born out of the need to transform how companies and organizations think about their data organization, engineering, integration and processing. With nearly 100 years of collective experience across the DOD and Intelligence Community, the founders and the team recognize that organizations continue to approach their data challenges in the same manner. and that needs to change.

Meet the team

James Adam

Head of Product

Casey Johnson

VP of Business Development

Our values

We are intellectually diverse & curious

We are experts who continually increase our learning in the data domain. We like math AND science AND literature AND geography AND contracts law… there are many things we are curious about. All of this shapes how we approach our customer's data, how we determine the solution and everything in between.

We are passionate about solving data challenges

We strive to solve your data challenges no matter the complexity. We are firmly committed to maintain our strategic dominance through data understanding, comprehensive and advanced capabilities. Your organization has data for a reason... we want you to unlock the knowledge from that data.

We are transparent about our solutions

We will be the first to tell you if we are not the right company for your data challenges and that’s okay. Our priority is to be completely transparent and a respectable partner in the data engineering field.

We are honest in communication

We are known for candor and directness; we provide our customers actionable and constructive feedback. We listen to our customer's needs, challenges and goals.

Experience the power of Knowledge Graphs

Create beautiful visualizations with your analytic tool of choice.

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