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Case studies

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Case Study

Contested Logistics

In a rapidly evolving warfare global landscape, logistics, and more importantly, the ability to be logistically successful in a contested environment, will be a key differentiator between maintaining superiority and defeat. For the military, these capabilities for success are of the utmost importance considering the next large conflict is anticipated to be primarily conducted across the land and littoral battlefield, a challenge which the Department of Defense is already preparing for and experiencing. In this dynamic environment, the military must be able to address their logistics challenges in a manner and in situations which are unprecedented. In order to be successful, there are foundational sets of requirements which must be addressed.

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Case Study

Financial Intelligence

With the rise of Strategic Competition, China has increased their commercial activities with state owned enterprises with such companies as Hua Wei and ZTE. As a result there has been increased scrutiny on supply chains associated with critical components in commercial solutions to detect the presence of components that have come in contact with designated or sanctioned technology. The identification of risk through combining financial intelligence and beneficial ownership data with other external enrichment to determine foreign ownership or potential ties to sanctions has become a necessary solution to combat the increased potential threats from these state actors.

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